28 April 2009

Observations of RightWingBibleThumperWhackoLand

Okay, I know I have been lax in my writings here on my blog, which is probably why nobody reads it but I have good reasons for the delays…I think. At the beginning of this year my wife’s gynecologist gave her news no woman likes to hear, “Your pap smear came back abnormal.” Those six words put us in a state of worry and anxiety; feelings that would not dissipate until recently.

My wife was instructed to return to her doctor’s office so a biopsy could be performed on the affected area. When the biopsy came back with worse results than the pap we really began to worry. Her doctor called it “moderate cervical dysplasia”, which, if I read all those medical articles correctly, can develop into cervical cancer rather quickly if left unchecked. An appointment was set for my wife to return yet again for an outpatient procedure to remove the affected tissue. After the procedure we had to hold our breath and wait for the pathological results and prognosis.

Now one thing that my closest friends and family can tell you is that to say I love my wife very much is an understatement. My wife is everything to me. She is my heart and soul. My entire life revolves around her because I am hopelessly, helplessly, deliriously in love with her. When we received the first news about the pap, I felt like I had been sent to my own personal hell. This feeling intensified with the biopsy results. I couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, my stomach hurt and I developed a constant headache. When I could sleep it was a fitful sleep filled with horrible dreams of my wife being taken from me and I can’t find her; the harder I try the further away she goes. These feelings, dear readers, are nothing when compared to the personal hell she was in. I turned to very close friends for solace and comfort, prayer and good thoughts. I truly believe the prayers were answered because we received a call a couple of weeks ago that the pathology indicated they had gotten all of “it” and my wife had a clean bill of health.

So why am I just now writing about this? Well, it goes like this. Even though the doctor assured us this was not a result of the Human Papillomavirus, there is nothing to indicate that it wasn’t. In other words, just because they think the dysplasia was not from HPV does not mean it actually wasn’t from HPV. When my wife was a little girl, the HPV vaccine didn’t exist so there is no way she could have been vaccinated and possibly prevented this incident.

This is why I completely agree with having young girls vaccinated against HPV. Texas governor Rick Perry tried to make this vaccine mandatory for all girls; this was a well intentioned but inadvisable course of action. Why is that? Because even though this vaccine can potentially save hundreds, if not thousands, of lives, we are still a free country. Parents have the right to decide whether or not their children will receive this vaccine. The knee-jerk reaction by the Texas legislature, however, was just as bad if not worse. Banning the vaccine over religious objections, which is what this legislature did, in my opinion, is short-sighted at best and criminal at worst.

I become very angry when I hear people, especially right wing bible thumping whackos, claim this vaccine will encourage girls to have sex and should therefore not be given. How anyone, especially right wing groups like Focus on the Family and Right to Life, could be against this vaccine is beyond me. These idiots proclaim that children’s lives are precious so we should do everything we can to protect them. So WHY is it they are against a vaccine that will protect their daughters from cervical cancer? Can ANYONE out there explain to me the ideology of this position? Is there anyone that can defend this position in a logical, sane manner? If you think you can, PLEASE comment! Thank you.

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