10 February 2010

You Are So..."R" Word!

I am tired of being subjected to protestations when some group announces it is offended by....a WORD!!! Gosh, heavens no, it's not PC to use that word! Today, the word is "retarded". You know this word, it was uttered by White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, IN A PRIVATE MEETING, when he called liberal activists who wanted to run ads against conservative Democrats "f'ing retarded". This was in a PRIVATE MEETING, people. Do you understand the word PRIVATE and what it means? Well, somehow his speech leaked out to the media and an outrage ensued.

Guess who excoriated Mr. Emanuel over his used of the word "retarded"? Why none other than Sarah Palin, of course! Ms. Palin loudly declared the "R" word was little more than "...a slur on all God's children with cognitive and developmental disabilities...". Ms. Palin, not satisfied with her initial response also likened the word "retarded" to the dreaded "N" word and demanded President Obama fire Mr. Emanuel on the spot! Predictably, all the little Palin automatons (translation, her adoring public) joined in and a nationwide protest erupted.

So egregious was this protest that the one Conservative every Liberal loves to hate, Rush Limbaugh, on his radio show, "...lamented that "our political correct society is acting like some giant insult's taken place by calling a bunch of people who are retards, retards."" WHOA!!! Hold on a minute, Palin is supposedly upset at the use of that word, right? Surely, she would chastise Limbaugh as well as Rah Emanuel, right?

Not so fast, campers! Not a public scold is in sight and will likely never come from Ms. Palin against Mr. Limbaugh. Why would she do this, you may ask. Hasn't she said before that the use of the word retarded is"...a slur on all God's children with cognitive and developmental disabilities..."? So, why would she not scold Limbaugh in public but pounced on Emanuel? WHY?!?

It's simple, really; I can tell you why right now. Follow me closely; Sarah Palin has not publicly scolded Rush for his use of the word because HE REPRESENTS THE WHACKO UBER-CONSERVATIVE MORONS IN THIS COUNTRY WHO ADORE HER!!! So, not only is Sarah Palin an IDIOT MORON, it seems she is now a TWO-FACED LYING BITCH!!! Come on, people, can't you see this?!? She comes out when a liberal Democrat utters the dreaded word and loudly excoriates him, screaming for his dismissal but when a conservative Republican utters the word, it's okay. So, I guess she can call her son a retard but nobody else can...unless they are conservative MORONS who desperately want to put her in the White House in 2012.

What is it going to take to make you idiots open your eyes and see Palin for what she really is? Sarah Palin is EXACTLY like the religious whackos who thump their Bibles and proclaim abortion is the murder of a child and then turn around and ignore the children that are already here and desperately need their help! You know, I hear all over this country there are people out there who think Obama is selling our country down the river...but ignore the fact that we were sold out by Dubya when he declared war on Iraq. The Republicans are just as guilty as the Democrats of trying to destroy this country...you CAN'T pick a side and cherry-pick your cause. If Sarah Palin really was so upset about Emanuel, she should be out there now, declaring her disappointment in and outrage over her old friend Limbaugh.

So...why would anyone vote for her in 2012???

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