25 March 2010

Stupidity - It's What's in Washington!

Well now, let's see...what were we talking about the other day? Hmmmmm...oh yeah, I know! We were talking about the idiocy in this country! Ok, so maybe the country is not being run by idiots...or is it?

I am in a stupor over this supposed healthcare reform. The whole time the debate has been raging over this thing, I have voiced my opinion time and time again about how bad an idea this is. So far, I have been called a racist and a gun-nut by, get this, CANADIANS! Yes kids, it's true, somewhere along the way the world decided it needed to voice its opinion of our government. Well, the only thing I can really say about that is this, HEY! WORLD! MIND YOUR OWN FREAKIN BUSINESS!!! I mean, it never stops! Any time ANYBODY publicly disagrees with the Joker-In-Chief they are branded a hateful racist! Why? That's what I want to know...why? When I talked about the rampant fraud that permeates our healthcare system now, I was called a racist...even though nothing racial ever came out of my keyboard. So, to back up my claims of fraudulent behavior, let me show you a case or two of this fraud.

A 20-something woman, who still lives with her parents and has a child, whose father she has nothing to do with, plans to move out of her parents' home because she can afford it since she has no bills. Wait, did you hear that? She has a CHILD but thinks she has no bills! When it is pointed out to her that her child will need shots, food, clothes, etc. her reply was, "Well my child is on Medicaid so all the medical stuff is free...and I got WIC to get food." Okay, so there's nothing wrong with a single mom getting a helping hand, right? Sure, until you find out this girl has a job that offers medical benefits but she wants to stay on Medicaid so she can use her money to do important things like party. Uh-huh...so we pay taxes to provide Medicaid and WIC for this?

Here is another one for you. This is the case of a married couple that defrauds the system and thinks nothing of it. The husband has a decent job that pays modestly but his wife does not work. The reasoning is the husband believes a woman's place is in the home; this is Mississippi, after all, and this kind of thinking is still popular here (remind me to tell you the one where my wife overheard a man on a cell-phone outside Wal-Mart one day). The wife starts going through the "change of life" and seeks medical care...but they don't use his insurance; nope, Medicaid picks up the tab for the whole thing and they pay nothing. So, again, we pay taxes to provide Medicaid for this?

Now, before all you good little Obamabots (yeah, I know, the bloom has fallen off the rose for me and it is only now, when it is too late, that I realize the folly of my thinking, but you can be sure I will not be repeating this mistake in 2012) get out your poison pens, let me clue you in on something; there are ABSOLUTELY NO RACIAL TONES IN THESE TWO CASES I HAVE DESCRIBED!!! No, all I am pointing out is that the system we have NOW is so expensive because there are more people like the ones I described here that are draining the government tit dry than there are like us that WORK and PAY TAXES and OBEY THE LAW.

So here's an idea; instead of passing a thousand-page bill that is going to cost nearly a TRILLION DOLLARS, why don't we take a long, hard look at the fraud happening now? Why don't we channel resources into rooting out these fraudsters and PUT THEM IN JAIL? Why can't we imprison the doctors that double-bill or bill for tests and procedures that were never performed? Why can't we take the insurance companies out of the stock-market, force them to be non-profit so they can do better things like FOCUSING on the people they insure rather than their shareholders and their own corporate pockets? Why can't we do these things? Tell me why, I really want to know, because I am willing to bet if we did these things, there would be more than enough money in the Treasury to truly offer universal healthcare to everybody...and that's really not a bad idea, is it?


  1. Mississippi CajunMarch 26, 2010 at 2:03 PM

    The fraudulent practices are deeper than just the ramapant abuses such as you cited. It is moreso institutionalized, and in many cases it is encouraged. I recently retired as a teacher, and for over 20 years, I on a daily basis listened as these pre-adults we call teenagers would discuss how they planned to get pregnant and time it with graduation so that when they got out of school, they could get on AFDC and medicaid and all of the other entitlements (nothing racial here since it comes from all races with which I came into contact). Some of these lovely ladies had already entered the system and were plotting their second child so they could get the raise in entitlements, and some of them were a product of this very system they were plotting to manipulate. Believe me, there is a group of people located from Coast to Coasat and top to bottom who know the ins and outs of the system and we are just expanding the pool in which they are swimming. This is how these kids plan to make a living off of the public dole before we cut them loose on an unsuspecting society.
    If you dare to point this out to the bureaucrats that administer this crap, they are quick to show you the door because to fix the problem means that they are out of a job. And this new Health Care legislation is loaded with new bureaucracies to be populated with thousands of new bureaucrats who will immediately be untouchable because of Civil Service regulations, and we get to pay for all of this.
    I would have had no problem with Health Care reform, I admit it was definitely needed, but this bill is just loaded with crap that is going to cost us a lot of money we already do not have. The bill does nothing to address the escalation in the cost of medical care, it does nothing to curb the lunatic lawsuits that load the court dockets and cause the docs to call for a lot of otherwise unnecessary procedures and tests to protect their collective ass. The $20 aspirins you can get in the $4000-$5000 a day room is not going to change.
    And for you Canadians who seem to care so much about us, I have my gun strapped to my hip as I write this. Eat your hearts out!

  2. There are many measures built in to the legislation to prevent or reduce fraud.
    Please read the act, particularly:

    Subtitle F—Additional Medicaid Program p 658
    Integrity Provisions

    Subtitle G—Additional Program Integrity p 661

    There are also many many measures in the legislation to encourage the States to reform tort law within their jurisdiction. Please see:

    Subtitle I—Sense of the Senate Regarding
    Medical Malpractice
    It is the sense of the Senate that—
    (1) health care reform presents an opportunity to address issues related to medical malpractice and medical liability insurance;
    (2) States should be encouraged to develop and test alternatives to the existing civil litigation system as a way of improving patient safety, reducing medical errors, encouraging the efficient resolution of disputes, increasing the availability of prompt and fair resolution of disputes, and improving access to liability insurance, while preserving an individual’s right to seek redress in court; and
    (3) Congress should consider establishing a State demonstration program to evaluate alternatives to the existing civil litigation system with respect to the resolution of medical malpractice claims.

    If you download the Act as a pdf it is 906 pages. If you search litigation there are 21 results.

    Don't drink the KoolAid. This legislation, while admittedly not perfect, is not bad legislation. It addresses many of the grossest faults in the current system.

  3. Mississippi CajunMay 6, 2010 at 9:44 PM

    I have a major distrust of these types of legislative acts. Without going into the public hatred of Bush II, his adminstration passed a Medicare Drug Act that prompted the Drug companies to literally triple their prices in anticipation of scoring all of that money. Note that in defense, insurance companies have declined to purchase certain of these drugs and demand that doctors prescribe alternatives that have a lower cost in spite of proven undesireable side effects. I fail to see any provision in this new boondogle that addresses that, and the drug costs remain through the roof....unless you go to Canada and purchase the same stuff for substantially less. WTF? Kool Aid??? I have to put up with this BS on a personal level. I would gladly accept a government bill; that addressed the causes of excessive medical costs, but tis one fails time and again. And let us not go into the aspects of the Federal Government telling me what I must buy.