27 April 2011


Alright, I've had enough of this, so it is time for me to call a spade a spade. ANYONE who persists in claiming President Obama is not a natural born American citizen is a RACIST!!! Come on people! We have been through this time and time again! His birth certificate was released and dismissed by THE IDIOT BIRTHER CONSPIRACY THEORISTS because it read "Certificate of Live Birth" rather than specifying "Birth Certificate". So, even though the certificate was released, there were SIGNED AFFIDAVITS from people who VERIFIED his birth certificate, confirmation by officials in Hawaii, and independent investigations and NOW the release of his long-form birth certificate there are STILL people out there claiming that even THIS is a fake. WAKE UP PEOPLE, YOU ARE A BUNCH OF RACIST FOOLS!!!

If you think race isn't a factor in this, think again; when questions were raised about John McCain, an investigation was launched and when evidence presented that he was indeed eligible to run for President, it ENDED RIGHT THERE! Unfortunately, it hasn't ended for President Obama. Do you want to know why it hasn't ended?

It hasn't ended because MORONS like birther leader Orly Taitz are now claiming that, in 1961, Hawaiian officials would have classified Obama as "Negro" rather than using designation "African." Okay...REALLY??? Is Ms. Taitz now an expert on language used in the past? What are HER credentials? Nobody seems to be asking THAT question, are they? Maybe it's because SHE IS WHITE? Hmmm, naaah, that can't be it...except that SHE IS WHITE and a RACIST IDIOT MORON!!!!!!

Obama's father's race is listed as "African", SO WHAT? He was from Kenya, which is in...anybody? anybody? AFRICA! Gee I guess that would make him AFRICAN!

Now I know there's gonna be a lot of hate mail directed my way over this little tirade. I am sure there will be many who will point out that I am just as bad in hurling insults and epithets. Know what? I DON'T CARE. Yell at me all you want; the facts are that if you still believe his birth certificate is fake, you are a RACIST ASSHOLE MORON.

Get my point?

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