03 July 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

Well, tomorrow the United States of America turns 233! That's right boys and girls, tomorrow is July 4th and we celebrate our nation's independence! You know something, I love my country; only here is a human being truly free. Free to speak their mind, pray to whom they want when they want, to choose to own guns or to choose to oppose guns, to bad-mouth the military or shout your support for the military...there are so many freedoms we take for granted in this great nation that it seems some people have confused rights with privileges.

For instance, nowhere in the Constitution nor the Declaration of Independence does it say people have the right to drive or distract themselves while driving by chatting on a cell phone, yelling at the kids, changing the radio station, eating, reading or painting your nails. Wait a minute, did I just say "painting your nails"...while driving?!? Surely people don't do that...or do they? Sadly, some people do.

On May 2, 2009, Anita Zaffke was riding her motorcycle in Lake Zurich, Illinois when she was struck from behind at a red light by a woman in an SUV who was PAINTING HER NAILS WHILE DRIVING!!! Lora L. Hunt, apparently more interested in the way she looks than the safety of others on the roads, did not even know there was a motorcycle in front of her at the light until after she hit it!! Yes, I said AFTER she hit the motorcycle. Anita never had a chance, despite wearing proper riding gear (helmet, gloves, long sleeves, jeans, boots and a HIGHLY VISIBLE jacket), she was unseen by a dimwit and killed by the same dimwit. Anita's son has set up a foundation to combat distracted driving called the Black Nail Brigade. Please everybody, take a look at the website and get the full skinny on what happened on that fateful day...I implore you to please show your support to Anita's son.

And on this holiday, be a little more watchful for motorcycles. We bikers are everywhere, we have families, jobs, friends just like you and we like being able to come home to them in one piece. Always remember to give a motorcycle room...don't try to share the lane with them. When you are getting ready to turn left make sure you have looked all around you very carefully so you don't take a biker down who may have had the right of way. Motorcycles are vehicles too...so please be a little more careful this holiday and the rest of the year as well. I'm sure we would all like to be here to celebrate America's 234th birthday!

Have a happy and safe Independence Day everybody!

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