16 July 2009

This is Justice???

As I type this, President Obama's pick for the Supreme Court is being grilled by the right and soft-balled by the left...big deal. Wanna know what I think? I think Sonya Sotomayor is a racist who has absolutely no business being in any courtroom as a judge, much less as a Supreme Court Justice! What is my reasoning, you ask? Well let's just say that the fire fighters in New Haven, Connecticut got a raw deal all they way around and this racist woman ruled against them BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE. I can hear all my liberal friends yelling at me now about how I am the real racist...well let me break my opinion on that case down into detail for you, ok?

Say you are a fire fighter and you want to get promoted...more pay and bennies right? I mean who wouldn't want that? So you study diligently for months on end, drilling knowledge into your head so you can do well on the test. On test day you sit down and rock the test, I mean you scored up in the 95th percentile! You are feeling really good about yourself until the city announces they are throwing out all the results...not because they suspect cheating...not because they think the test was rigged in some way...but because not enough minorities scored well! It's not just minorities that didn't score well, though...there were white fire fighters who didn't score well either...just as some minorities rocked the test too, but there weren't enough of them so you can't have your promotion.

So you form a team, get a lawyer and sue the city and a three-judge panel rules against you BECAUSE YOU ARE WHITE! Don't tell me there was any other reason for Sotomayor's ruling. Don't tell me what she did was right or fair because it wasn't. Why else would this racist woman make a PUBLIC statement about how a "wise latina woman" would come to a better judgment than a white man. This is exactly the type of person we DO NOT NEED in the Supreme Court.

Just so you don't start thinking I am only picking on Sotomayor, the very same thing happened in Virginia not too long ago. The City of Virginia Beach had to dumb down their entrance exam for the Police Academy because not enough minorities were scoring well enough to get in. HOW IS THIS FAIR PEOPLE?!? IF you have never been a cop or a fire fighter, there is absolutely no way you could possibly understand the amount of brain power it takes to make quick-decisions in life-threatening situations. If you can't pass the test, you don't get in or you don't get promoted...and that's all there is. There is no "writing the test so only whites can understand it..." as I have heard the good Sharpton and Jackson spewing on the news.

If you cannot do basic mathematics or you do not understand the ENGLISH LANGUAGE well enough, how can you reasonably expect to do either of these jobs? I challenge every liberal I know to come up with a good answer to that question WITHOUT raising the race card! And please, don't answer on my Facebook page...answer it here, on my blog, so everybody else can read your opinion...after all that would be the FAIR THING to do, right?

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  1. This is yet another thing that you and I are in complete agreement on, my brutha....Sotomayor is a total racist, and as the esteemed Senator from South Carolina, Lindsay Graham said two days ago, if a WHITE MAN had made the comment she did, his career would be OVER!

    And you beat me to it, by the way....was gonna post something on my blog about the same thing, and was going to say pretty much the same thing you did!

    Never fear, though, I got somethin' else to bitch about! Can you say, "MORE TAXES?"

    BOHICA, America!