05 May 2009

Myrtle Beach!!!!

I can't wait for this Thursday to get here! That's the day I will be leaving my home and riding my Geezer-Glide to South Carolina to my friend Iron Horse Cowboy's house to go to Myrtle Beach Bike Week. Click on his name to read his blog. I will bet once you read his blog and compare it to mine you will wonder how we could be such close friends with such different opinions. It's very simple, folks, he and I are both veterans and we are both dedicated to protecting the right to free speech for everybody not just those who agree with us...but I digress.

Actually, we are going to be in North Myrtle Beach since the town of Myrtle Beach doesn't want us anymore. It seems that the good folks of Myrtle Beach don't care about the millions of dollars bikers pour into their community every year, twice a year. They would rather have quiet and not have to deal with a bunch of rowdies like us. Good for them, they can try to raise money for the city in other ways. We, on the other hand, will be pouring dollars into North Myrtle Beach and surrounding cities on the Grand Strand.

Now I know that some of you probably shudder when you see a guy on a Harley in black leather from head to toe. What you most likely don't know is the vast majority of those guys are just like us, regular guys who work and pay taxes, same as you. Sure, there are the 1%ers who are outlaws but, believe it or not folks, they are in the minority when it comes to motorcycle riders.

So, if you happen to be on I-20 Thursday heading east, be a little more careful and watchful before you change lanes, ok? As always, stay safe to all my friends and keep the shiny side up!

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