21 May 2009

Politics and Jayzus...

Well, we had our run-off election this past Tuesday here in the fair city of Brandon. Before I go any further, I need to fill you in on local politics. As most everybody knows, when it comes time to elect or re-elect members of a city council and/or the mayor certain things will happen and certain things MAY happen. In the case of Brandon, all six wards and the mayor's office were up for election this year.

So, the first round was the primaries...after last year's presidential circus everybody should be familiar with primaries. In our fair city, I live in Ward 6, and as such was bombarded with flyers stuck in my front door, on the flag of my mailbox and knocks on my door by canvassers and sometimes candidates. Every single one of the people running for Ward 6 Alderman was Republican...in fact the entire slate of candidates was Republican. Brandon does not have a Democratic Exective Committee so I am in a distinct minority here.

Nevertheless, I read the flyers and started to make my decision on who I was going to vote for. Out of all the names for Ward 6 hopefuls, only ONE man did not list his church membership as a qualification for elected office. That is the man I decided to vote for because I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER vote for a politican who lists their church membership or any religious connotation on their flyers/signs/websites, whatever. I will not name names but I will tell you that there was one guy who really made a clown of himself and ended up being a joke on primary day.

The primaries ended with my guy and one other guy in the runoff for the general election. Yes, Virginia, there is still a general election even when the other party is not represented...it is a small matter of ELECTION LAW. I tell you this because you are not going to believe what comes next.

After the primaries, another flurry of campaign activity resulted. My guy came to my house while he was canvassing and we had a chat about how STUPID and IDIOTIC it is to list what church you go to and what position you hold in said church and present it as a qualification to hold elected office...I told everybody I knew and anybody I came across how important it was to vote for my candidate over the other but NOT because he listed his church.

Okay, so now you're going "HUH?", allow me to explain. The other guy, on his flyer, in BIG WHITE LETTERS, had a statment saying there would be NO general election because it would be only one person so he needs you to get out and vote for him. Remember I told you that according to election law a general election will still be held regardless of party representation. THIS is why I went against him; I feel this guy is another CLOWN who doesn't understand and can't be bothered to learn election law...and, if he can't be bothered with that how in the world can I expect him to be an effective alderman? So, who do you think won the primary Tuesday?

The OTHER GUY won the primary! What pisses me off SO MUCH about that is the people who voted for him did so ONLY because he proclaimed what a great Christian he was and he goes to church! I am so disgusted with this town it's not even funny! There's like 46 churches in the area for a town of 14,000! How STUPID are you if you vote solely on the basis of CHURCH rather than real qualifications AND knowledge of the law!!? It's almost like this place is like Stepford, Connecticut except that it is everybody that is an automoton incapable of independent thought...they just do "what mah payastor sayed"...maybe they all go to this church...


  1. "A free thinker is Satan's slave?"

    Are they kidding? It's a joke, right? Those ignorant rednecks can't REALLY believe that, can they?

    Or maybe they can.....man, that's enough to give being Southern a bad name!

    Hey, you can always move to South Carolina....

  2. I don't know where the picture was taken but I was told this was a real sign in front of a real church...and let me tell ya, here in Mississippi we have very few free or independent thinkers.

    Case in point, one of the cities in our dry county, Flowood, succeeded in getting permission from teh state legislature to have a public vote on whether or not to allow the sale of wine and liquor by the glass in restaurants and hotels...yesterday the pastor from Oakdale Baptist Church held a Press Conference urging the people of Flowood to vote no. Of course you know once restaurants and hotels can serve wine and liquor then the strip clubs are gonna pop right up overnight in residential neighborhoods...that's is what the "Pastors" in this area are preaching to their Stepford flocks...