20 May 2009

Religion is a HOAX

Ok, so I haven’t posted here in a while, I know. Lately I haven’t been finding much to blog about but I have been reading recent news lately with quite some interest, here they are:

In Ireland, a report was recently released that Catholic priests and nuns beat, raped and humiliated thousands of children entrusted to their care, i.e.- reform school. This report was 2600 pages long…yes, I said it correctly, Two Thousand Six Hundred pages!

While the extreme details have not (and most likely should not be) been released but the layman (me) reads it like this. Catholic priests RAPED and BEAT young boys for their own sick amusement for sixty years (1930s to 1990s). As if the Vatican didn’t have enough headaches dealing with the American pedophilic priests now the headlines reveal systemic abuse so horrible one can only think this is the death knell for the Catholic Church. The report also reveals that Catholic nuns BEAT and HUMILIATED and yes, sometimes RAPED young girls entrusted to their care for their own sick amusement for the same period of time.

The nuns struck the girls with what I believe would be switches, belts, rope, etc (the report says “implements designed to maximize pain and were struck on all parts of the body”; you get that, implements DESIGNED to MAXIMIZE PAIN! So this, to me, shows the Catholic Church CONDONED this abuse and hid it for decades (“The report concluded that church officials always shielded their orders' pedophiles from arrest to protect their own reputations and, according to documents uncovered in the Vatican, knew that many pedophiles were serial attackers.”) Get this, boys and girls, the orders were called Christian Brothers and Sisters of Mercy! How hypocritical can the church get? I‘ll let you read the article yourself from here: SICKO

The other news story I have been following with great interest is the Minnesota mother who has fled with her cancer-stricken 13 year old son in order to avoid court-ordered chemotherapy: WHACKO

This whacko family belongs to a religious cult founded by a conman! They supposedly believe in “natural” healing methods. To me, that’s not much different than the whackos in Wisconsin who let their daughter die from juvenile diabetes instead opting for prayer to “let God heal her”.

Whether or not you believe in “God” (personally, I have been on the fence with that belief lately) there are laws…got that…LAWS…that require parents or caretakers of minor children (that is any child under the age of 18) to ensure said minor child receives adequate medical care. This is LAW and it is being flouted by religious idiots!

What really puzzles me is these same sets of IDIOTS are the same IDIOTS rallying to make abortion illegal! I saw a bumper sticker while I was on my trip to Myrtle Beach that read, “The GOP and Religious Right loved me until I was born” Sadly that is a truth that cannot be denied. Yet, the sheeple of the Right insist on blindly following their talking heads and demonizing the Left. For me, I will put my view simply as this; if you believe religion trumps medicine, you are an incompetent, easily-led automaton and I have nothing but contempt for you. I have nothing but contempt for organized religion AND the whackos that use religion to deny their children medical care OR use religion as a shield so they can abuse others’ children.

You can believe what you want but leave me out of it. I want nothing more to do with organized religion.

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