12 June 2009

Friday the 12th

Ok ok, I know it's not as catchy as Friday the 13th...but we're not in a movie, or are we? Do you know what day this is, kids? This is the day all television stations in the United States switch to digital broadcasting. I thought this day would never come, do you know why? Well if you have read my older posts, you most likely read my January 9th post What Digital TV Conversion? where I ranted against extending the deadline from February 17th to June 12th. If you remember back then, the Obama Administration flip-flopped on the issue until just before the scheduled date and then finally announced they were extending the deadline to June 12th.

The announcements on NPR back then were saying the deadline was being extended because over three million (3,000,000) households were not ready for the change! Congress authorized $1.3 BILLION dollars for a coupon program to help people get their converter boxes. Despite this and the onslaught of advertising over THREE MILLION households were not ready! So Congress put even more money into the coupon program and embarked on an even more aggressive advertising campaign to get those households ready for the June 12th conversion.

So now it is June 12th and guess what? According to Nielsen Company, you know the ratings people, reported the results of a survey they conducted shows that...get this...2.8 MILLION households are STILL not ready!!!! In a survey of 928 homes, SmithGeiger LLC discovered that ONE IN EIGHT were not ready...and one person was completely unaware of he transition!!! The Commerce Department reported over 300,000 requests for coupons yesterday (Thursday)...nearly four times the daily average preceding month!!!!

Do you know what that tells me? That tells me our nation has transformed from a nation of builders, creators, innovators and inventors to a nation of lazy, half-assed, under-educated, MTV mind soaked, couch potatoes...and here we go, blazing the trail of stupidity with a crumbling public education system. Oh wait, I just thought of something else, do you know what we are in danger of becoming? Through the well-intentioned but sorely misguided, misinformed and oblivious intentions of Congress and President Obama, we are about to become the largest nation of fat-ass lazy slugs in the world...do you know how? UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE, that's how! As if the lazy welfare leaches didn't have enough incentive not to work, now the government wants to take away our healthcare tax breaks (you know, where you pay for employer-provided healthcare through your paycheck BEFORE taxes are taken out) and make us pay full price so the lazy welfare leaches can get healthcare coverage...you know, it's dangerous selling drugs in the projects yo...I needs me some free healthcare paid for by the working chumps in the US...

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  1. Bulldog, I actually found myself in agreement but to stay on point, screw the 2.8mil, they wouldn't know the difference anyway, they'd be to lazy to figure it out.

    Let me know when we get back to "claiming land" and defending what we got. It should not be long with the biggest mistake in American history in full motion.