26 June 2009

"Peaceful" and "Tolerant" Iran

Amazing...simply amazing. Iran holds a presidential election in which it seems there is majority support for the opposition candidate, former Prime Minister Mirhossein Mousavi, and once the voting's over, they call it for Imadingyjihad. Amidst stories of some Iranian states registering sometimes up to 50% more votes than voters, the opposition cries foul...and rightly so. Then their supreme leader and other hard-line clerics (most likely the ones who engineered the 1979 revolt and taking of American hostages...all because they said Iran was corrupted by the West) call for killing protesters! Got that, kids? KILLING PROTESTERS!!

Where are the world's supposedly peaceful muslims? Where are their loud worldwide protests? Where is the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)? Do you wanna know who is screaming the loudest at Iran to back off and have another election? The supposedly decadent West, that's who! All these Western governments who have fought and are fighting for freedom are the ones screaming at Iran to stop bullying its citizenry...and the rest of the world's muslims are staying quiet about it and some have even denounced the USA for speaking out!

So, I ask you, look at the whole situation from an unbiased standpoint and tell me what you see. Know what I see? I see hypocrites and lunatics who are about as far away from the 7 Pillars of Islam as they can be! COME ON MUSLIMS!!! Back up the Iranian people!!!

Because your inaction is only fueling the belief that Islam is a religion of hate and war...and muslims are no better than rabid dogs.

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  1. Mississippi CAjunJuly 1, 2009 at 8:42 PM

    Whenever "Peaceful Islamists" blow up a marketplace and kill innocent people or when they steal an election or whatever, one never hears a peep from the worl of Islam. Are these people so hypocritical that they will not or do not see the injustices and violations of the tenets of the religion they hold so dearly?
    We, as a nation, defend Islam and its followers, yet they seem strangely silent when it comes time for them to step u p to the plate. In my mind, could it be that this whole charade they are pulling off is designed to lull us into that fatal sense of security as they all pull the cord on their sucicide vests in our neighborhoods? Because of the silence of this very rapidly growing world population of Muslims, I personally trust them less and less ddaily. Let's see....365 days from last year times 0 trust still equals ZERO trust.