03 August 2009

Bulldog's Super Happy Fun Time!!!

Hey kids, do you know what time it is? That's right, it's time for another episode of Bulldog's Super Happy Fun Time! Today we are going to go over some recent events that will leave you scratching your head wondering what in the world is going on?

First, let me pose a question to you...it'll be easy, ready? Here we go: Which self-interest group has recently become publicly outraged over an inconsequential remark made by an equally inconsequential person? If you guessed Jessica Simpson pissing off American Indians (Native Americans for the PC Police) you would be right! Evidently, she was being interviewed and the question came up about if she would take back the expensive boat she gave her ex-boyfriend...the eternal loser Tony Romo. She answered with, "No, I'm not an indian giver!" Seems there are a few "Native American" self-interest (i.e.- special interest) groups who are outraged at the audacity of Jessica Simpson.

Wait a minute...is this true? Doesn't everybody know this is the chick who thought Chicken of the Sea was really chicken, not tuna? Isn't this the airhead who proclaimed her undying love for the other airhead Lachy only to divorce (as if that was a big surprise)? Come on people, this is NOT a smart, important person we are talking about here. As like Hollywood actors, musicans and professional athletes, this person is about as important to society as a mosquito...merely a small nuisance to be shooed away with a wave of the hand. So, why is it a group of "Native Americans" would get so upset at such an innocuous statement as "indian giver"?

Most of us grew up using that term to label kids who would take things back they gave you when you made them mad. The thought that indians would actually take back things they initially gave never occurred...ever. So why get so upset? Why did a group of advocates for "mentally or physically challenged people? get so upset at a stupid line uttered in an equally stupid movie (Tropical Thunder) where yet another inconsequential idiot (Robert Downey J.) said the dreaded word "retard"? Why why why?

Why is it there is always some interest group out there scrutinizing everything famous people say to find any type of offense? Why are becoming the United States of the Offended? For Pete's sake, people, grow some thicker skin!!! Come on, does it really hurt you?

Political Correctness has caused enough damage, wreaked enough havoc, and hurt more feelings than anything else in this country. We have become a nation that no longer values competition and the lessons learned in winning and losing. No, instead we have become a nation of whining, blubbering "me too" idiots. Nowadays kids get a trophy just for showing up! Go to a Little League Tournament and see what I'm talking about. Even the losing teams get rewarded! What is the value in that? What are these over-indulged kids going to learn besides the expectation that the world owes them recognition and appreciation even though they have done nothing productive?

Look at Hollywood, the music industry, and professional sports...hell, take a look at television! We have an entire CLASS of people who provide NOTHING to society except entertainment and they get paid MILLIONS to do it! Couple that with "helicopter parents" whose hovering and smothering reinforce the ideal that those are the people to emulate because they "deserve" recognition and fame and you have exactly what you see now...a "Native American" group angry because an airheaded dumbbell uttered the horrible label "indian giver".

Give me a break, people. Seriously, these entertainment types are not important to our survival as a nation...what they think and say means nothing. Try to remember that before you get your panties in a wad over them...okay?

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