04 August 2009

Islam Means Peace...NOT

Hello folks, I'm back again and the subject today is my ongiong study of Islam. We hear alot here in the States about how we are oppressing Muslims and we do not understand the true meaning of Islam. It has been suggested that we become better educated on Islam in order to understand it better. Well, I read a story today that perfectly describes the true meaning of Islam and I just had to share.

In Sudan, UN Media reporter Lubna Hussein was arrested on July 3rd by the Sudanese police along with 12 other women in an outdoor cafe. The charge was "indecent dress" because they were wearing PANTS in public. All but Hussein and two other women were flogged (flogging is when they take a whip or cat-o-nine tails and whip them across your bare back) at the police station and paid $120 fine. Hussein and the two other women decided to go to trial in order to draw international attention to their plight. Hussein is now on trial, a multitude of women showed up to protest the trial and were subsequently BEATEN by the police...for protesting what is considered the oppression of women.

You can read the article yourself, I have not made any changes to it nor have I ad-libbed any of this story. I just wanted to share yet another observation of a "peaceful" religion that does not allow women to wear pants and has them flogged 40 lashes for having the audacity to wear pants in public. Oh the horror!

Kind of reminds me of the Pentecostal religion here in the States...women are not allowed to get their hair cut or wear makeup or pants. These are the people the far right (GOP) seems to love so much...I heard a friend come up with a rather accurate term for them. I hope no offense is taken because I am going to steal it here...I propose a new name for the Republican Party...the TALIBORNAGAIN...kinda catchy, don't ya think?

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