19 August 2009

Okay, Now We're Getting Ridiculous

This can't be right. I read today from the AP that Texas Judge Sharon Keller is now undergoing a misconduct trial; the reason this judge is being scrutinized is because she would not keep her court open to hear the last-minute appeal from a convicted murderer. Wait a minute, that can't be right, can it?

According to AP writer Paul Weber, this is true. According to the story, Texas Criminal Appeals Court Judge Sharon Keller received a phone call at 4:45pm...got that...PM! The court normally closes at 5pm. So the lawyers for convicted murderer Michael Wayne Richard called at 4:45pm asking her to keep the court open past 5pm. Keller said no. So what was the result of this action? Michael Wayne Richard was put to death by lethal injection at 8:23pm that same day.

So why is the judge in trouble, you may ask? Well, let's look at the facts of the case, shall we? Michael Wayne Richard was convicted for the 1986 RAPE AND MURDER of a Houston area nurse and MOTHER OF SEVEN. Not only was he convicted, he was re-tried and convicted AGAIN! Are you keeping up with me boys and girls? This scumbag RAPED AND MURDERED a nurse and mother of seven! This woman's kids will never have their mother again. They will NEVER EVER be able to see their mother ever again! The fact he was convisted twice speaks volumes! That says to me, "Okay, so maybe they found more evidence that could overturn the conviction because he may be innocent..." but no, the court tried him a second time and he was convicted AGAIN!

So to me it is no wonder the judge refused to keep her court open past 5pm. Richard's sleazeball, scumbag defense attorneys didn't file the appeal in the morning; no, they waited until 4:45pm to ask the judge to keep the court open! Keep the court open for a worthless piece of crap waste of space who didn't deserve to live among humans!! So he was executed...GOOD!!!

This piece of garbage had already had several appeals turned down and was now trying to appeal on the grounds that lethal injection is cruel and unusual. WHAT?!? Let me get this straight, this dirtbag RAPES and MURDERS a nurse and mother...RAPES AND MURDERS...and then wants to claim that lethal injection is cruel?!? Hogwash!!!

So, it all comes down to this, he RAPES AND MURDERS, is CONVICTED TWICE, all his APPEALS ARE REJECTED, and his sleazy attorneys wait until 15 minutes before the court is supposed to close to request the court, judge, clerk, guards and EVERYBODY else stay past 5pm for a CONVICTED RAPIST AND MURDERER...and the JUDGE is wrong?

Not in my book. In my book the judge was right on.

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  1. At first inspection, I am as outraged as you are, but after i think about it, I am betting this is a ploy by the anti-death penalty crowd trying to make a few headlines for their cause. But, it's Texas. Fat chance for them. The big surprise is that it took them since 1986 to put this user of good air away.