30 October 2009

Breasts on TV? Oh the HORROR!

Now I've seen everything. I read a story about a Washington DC television station airing a two-part series concerning breast exams. WJLA is the station and they are planning on airing the series during the "fall ratings sweeps" in order to maximize awareness of breast cancer and to instruct on how to correctly perform a self-breast exam. In order to show how a breast self-exam is done properly, they intend to show the bare breasts of two volunteers...that's right kids, bare, uncensored, non-blurred women's breasts.

If we were in Europe this would be no big deal. From my travels across Europe I saw just how laid back Europeans are when it comes to the naked breast. Here in the good ole USA though, one group, The Parents Television Council, is raising their concerns over this. Their concern...and I quote, ""We hope that WJLA-TV is not using a crucial public health issue as a ratings stunt, and that the station has fully considered what is appropriate to tell this important story to the public in the most suitable manner possible," the group said in a statement."

And to that all I can say is, "ARE YOU PEOPLE OUT OF YOUR RIGHT WING BIBLE THUMPING MINDS?" For CHRIST'S SAKE, this is NOT some sleazy soft-core pornography being aired; NO, this is a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT promoting breast cancer awareness and instructing on how to do an effective self-exam! Leave it to some "family group" to try and attach a "sexually deviant" note to a show that could very well help some women in this country to detect breast cancer and survive it!

What is so wrong about a woman's breasts!? Don't you idiots have anything better to do than worry about this? This is TYPICAL of Bible Thumping Right Wingers...your kids can watch violence and bloodshed..can be advertised to non-stop, but to SHOW a woman's breast?? HORRORS!!! Our kids will turn into sexual deviants because they saw a bare breast on TV!!! Oh the horror...the agony!!! We can't have a bare breast on TV!!!

Oh we can't have that! Just like we can't have comprehensive sex education or abortion. No, no, no, sex is evil and wrong and dirty...we just want to keep our heads buried in the sand and pretend we are still in the bucolic Fifties...while our kids die from STD's and breast cancer. WAKE UP MORONS!!! YOUR BUS IS LEAVING!!!

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