05 November 2009

12 die, 31 wounded in Fort Hood shooting

Oh my Holy Lord...this breaking news is, to say the least, shocking. It's hard to believe that a soldier would open fire on his fellow soldiers and kill 12. My heart goes out to the families of the 12 dead and 31 wounded soldiers. If they had died in Iraq or Afghanistan, their deaths would, at least, make sense but HERE?!?!? At Fort Hood, Texas?!?!?!? I read the article in shock and horror, I kept asking myself WHY would this happen, HOW did this happen; the answer I was so desperately seeking was right under my nose in the article.

The shooter that was killed by security forces was an Army Major named, and get this, everybody, and think about it...his name was Malik Nadal Hasan. It gets better, folks; this guy was a MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL! So now we have an Army Major, who is an Army psychiatrist who either was born Malik Nadal Hasan or took the name after converting to Islam. Seriously, I do not give one whit on whether he was born into Islam or converted to Islam; for me, the writing is on the wall, clear as day.

This "person" was a MUSLIM who ATTACKED AMERICANS. Gee, what a shock...a Muslim killing Americans...wow I never thought THAT could happen. Just so you know, I am rolling my eyes to emphasize the sarcasm. The even more curious part for me is where in the hell are the MUSLIMS on the Council for American Islam Relations (CAIR)? Where are they? Why are they not condemning this act of terrorism? Do you want to know why they aren't saying anything? It's because THEY WANT AMERICANS TO DIE!!! HELLO!!!! IS ANYBODY HOME!?!?!?!?!?

CAIR sues because some clerics/imams, whatever, were arrested and taken off a flight after they made several disturbing remarks. CAIR jumps on us because we are "discriminating" against Muslims, but when a Muslim attacks for no apparent reason they don't say a word. Kinda like another situation in this country with two certain "Civil Rights" activists who pounce whenever a white officer arrests a black guy for a crime and turns out he was innocent (even though they learn it was ANOTHER black guy who committed the crime) yet NEVER say anything that may show responsibility on their part for their situation.

Yes, Virginia, racism is still alive and well in the USA...but it's against white Americans...not the other way around anymore. Call me a bigot, a racist, a bastard, whatever you want to call me, I don't care. My opinion, for what it's worth, is that Muslims cannot be trusted and should not be trusted under any circumstances. I recall a saying I heard from a friend a long time ago, and it is still relevant today, "Not all Muslims are suicide bombers...but all suicide bombers are Muslims" We as a country have GOT to STOP tip-toeing around these jerks!!! Until these "peaceful" Muslims come out in numbers and CONDEMN terrorism and help to stop the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, the PLO, Al Shabab, and a host of other MUSLIM terrorist groups, I will continue to rant right here that I believe Muslims are untrustworthy animals. Call me a hate-monger, I don't give a crap what you think.

I am tired of putting up with it; you should be too.

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