17 November 2009


You know something, the world is full of contradictions. I see them every day and lately it seems they are becoming more the rule than the exception. To make this kind of amusing, I am going to list some of the biggest contradictions I see in the same style as Jeff Foxworthy's "You Might Be A Redneck..."

You might be a religious right conservative whacko if you firmly support capital punishment but oppose abortion. This one is the biggest one I see. Opponents of abortion see this as the murder of an innocent while the death penalty is applied only to the guilty. Fair enough, except that there are more than a few prisoners on death row that really are innocent. Let me show this to you another way.

You might be a religious right conservative whacko if you oppose abortion but also oppose helping the children in this country THAT ARE ALREADY HERE to get decent food, shelter and an education. That, folks is the biggest oxymoron in this country to me. Here's a thought for all you Bible Thumping idiots out there; MAYBE if you focused your efforts on HELPING THE CHILDREN THAT ARE HERE NOW, we as a country wouldn't NEED a death penalty...WOW, what a concept!

Another good point on this topic goes straight to the heart of Catholicism; you might be a religious right conservative catholic whacko if you oppose abortion and contraception as well as comprehensive sex education but give the Catholic church a pass for the CHILD MOLESTATION committed by PRIESTS.

Which also brings a simple question to all the good bible thumping morons in this country; are you people really so STUPID as to believe that comprehensive sex education is going to encourage kids to have sex? Do you REALLY believe abstinence only education and "purity rings" is the way to go; even after that crap has been de-bunked over and over again? So, let me get this straight so I completely understand your point of view here. We can't teach our kids the facts about sex, nor can we give them the means to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies and STDs and when they have sex and get pregnant we force them to have the baby which causes them to drop out of school and go on the welfare rolls and then we bitch about having to support all these people who keep having babies indiscriminately. That sums it up pretty well, right?

Trust me when I tell you there are a host of these contradictions on the right side of the fence; to be fair, I will limit this to one from each side because, dear readers the left is just as whacko as the right. So now, let's start on the left and see what we can see.

You might be a left wing, tree hugging, granola eating whacko if you steadfastly believe that banning guns is the only way to combat crime. Really? I find it very intriguing when I see the reactions of liberals when I pose this simple question to them; if the First Amendment's reference to "the people" means the individual has the rights to free speech, religion, and protest, then how can the Second Amendment's reference to "the people" only mean law enforcement and the military has the right to keep and bear arms? To date, not a single liberal I know has been able to come up with an acceptable answer to that question.

Seriously, folks, there is overwhelming proof that stricter gun control laws do NOTHING to prevent violent crime. I don't know why some libs can't see the fact that criminals are not phased by waiting limits, background checks, magazine restrictions, etc. They aren't bothered one bit about it; want to know why? Well that is because criminals will get their hands on guns regardless of the laws...what a shock! Joe Citizen has to wait three days and survive a background check to purchase a handgun yet it will only take a criminal seconds to break into Joe's house and steal his handgun. What a concept...criminals break the law!

I really am beginning to think the liberal left truly believes that, basically, all people want to do the right thing. Kind of Pollyannaish outlook but hey, if that's what they want to believe, so be it. It's commendable you guys want to help everybody have a better life and all but we still need law enforcement and an armed and trained citizenry if we are able to bring that better life to fruition.

The best part for me is this, if the bible thumping whackos on the right would actually do something to help the kids we have now and allow for ways to stem the tide of teenage pregnancy and "unwed mothers", maybe the need for the death penalty would fade away AND the absolute NEED for an armed citizenry would abate some. Now, before any of you out there start to attack, think of this; no matter how much we do to help raise the standard of living for everyone in this country, there will ALWAYS be a criminal element that feels they should just take what they want and THAT will ensure that we will always need to have a well-armed and trained citizenry.

All we really need is for the left and the right to work together; stop pointing fingers and placing blame and WORK TOGETHER!!!!!

Stay tuned for more on the contradictions in our society...oh the fun we are gonna have!

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