18 March 2009

The American Taliban!!!

Ok, look, I am usually a reasonable guy but there are times when things get so crazy I just have to unleash and really beat someone who desperately needs it. Right now that someone is the ultra-right wing uber-religious whacko wingnut organization Quiverfull. To steal a short line from Newsweek magazine, Quiverfull is a “…antifeminist, conservative Christian movement…” Personally, I think Newsweek is being too nice. From their website, I see this organization encourages women to forgo all birth-control options; they view contraception as a form of abortion and also consider natural family planning as an attempt to control fertility. Normally I would just leave this alone because I usually just shake my head at the idiot whackos but this group also emphasizes the importance of women submitting to their husbands and fathers, that gender equality is against God’s law and that a woman’s highest calling is wife and mother.

Now get this, boys and girls, the advocates of this group encourage women to an almost militant fertility to raise an army of children to wage spiritual battle against God’s enemies. HUH?!!? It gets better, y’all; two Quiverfull advocates, Rick and Jan Hess, authored the book “A Full Quiver: Family Planning and the Lordship of Christ” in the 1990’s. In this book they opine the gains of Christians if they began producing “full quivers” of “arrows for the war”: control of both houses of Congress, reclaiming “sinful cities” such as San Francisco and huge boycotts of companies that do not conform to their Christian views. Am I the only person here who sees this group for what it truly is? This group is NOT Christian, people; this group is the American Taliban!!!!

Think about it, this group advocates the subjugation of women and wishes to wage war on all who do not believe as they do!! We spend all our time being afraid of Al Qaeda, the Taliban and Muslim extremists when we have them right here in our own backyard! How can any sane, reasonable person even think this group is legitimate and has true Christian ideals!?! WAKE UP AMERICA!!! Get your heads out of your Bibles and take a look at the real world!!!!!!! Women everywhere should be united in outrage at this group! But no, my guess is all the easily brainwashed sheep (i.e. – 99% of all religious people) will just go merrily along blindly listening to and obeying their pastors and priests and vote us right into TALIBAN RULE!!!

You know, I originally intended in writing a smart, informative piece on this group and point out the flaws in their thinking; flaws such as why are you having so many children when we literally have hundreds of thousands of children right here in the US that are waiting to be adopted, living in foster homes, and living in poverty. I wanted to ask why, when we have all these unwanted children in this country, you would want to produce even more children. Then I became angry…because I realized this group does not care about those children; no, they care about their own and hope to take over the government so they can tell us how to live as well. This group is not Christian in any sense…nor is any evangelical church Christian in any sense.

No, true Christians would be pushing for better care for ALL children; they would be pushing for adoption of these children; they would be pushing for better education for these children so we can stop the cycle of poverty and unwanted pregnancy. TRUE CHRISTIANS would be doing everything they can to help the ones that are already here and need our help…not “raising an army to wage war on God’s enemies…” You want to know why I hate Christians and organized religion? THIS is why…bigoted, racist, hate-mongering groups like this who prey on the dimwitted and easily influenced to further their sick, twisted agenda while operating under the guise of Christianity…THIS is why I hate organized religion. THIS is why I shake my head when I hear people talking about how they were “saved” or “born again” THIS is why I hate George W Bush and hate the Republican Party…THIS is why I voted for Obama…and THIS is why I will vote against any politician who invokes their religiousness as a qualification for office.


  1. I agree wholeheartedly with your comments about "Quiverfull," and I understand your feelings about religion being taken to extremes - this group proves that "christian" groups can do things just as whacko as the Muslims - and I even understand and agree with how you feel about a politician touting his religious beliefs as a qualification for office.

    But what I don't understand is how all of these feelings played a part in voting for Obama...

  2. It's a long, convoluted story, one that may or may not make sense to many but I will explain it to you over coffee next time I am at your house on my custom built Sporty...

  3. Mississippi CajunMarch 20, 2009 at 7:38 AM

    Seems like I recall that these clowns have branch offices all over the place where you are living. Only think missing from the stuff they are pushing is the women haven't been forced to wear Burkas yet.