17 March 2009


Well, here I go again; I must again apologize for not writing to my blog more frequently. Of course when life gets hectic, things tend to get pushed to the side, you know? So, here are some more musings of mine with samples taken from recent events in my life.

I watch a lot of television and I am irritated by the commercials which are becoming more prevalent than the banal, inane programs I watch. For instance, raise your hand if you are sick of watching cartoon bears using toilet paper. Seriously folks, can’t the tp maker come up with something a little more creative than cartoon bears? Reminds me of a joke; one day a bear and a rabbit were doing their business in the woods when the bear asks the rabbit, “Does your poop stick to your fur?” The rabbit replies “Why, no, I have never had that problem.” So, the bear promptly picks up the rabbit and wipes his butt with him. Maybe the ad-man that came up with cartoon bears heard this joke…

Am I the only one relieved that the cavemen stopped appearing on my television? Talk about an existential meltdown, we went from cavemen and a computer generated gecko to a stack of money with fake googly eyes. Cheaper but still silly…maybe there’s a better way to sell insurance, like just having a guy stand there and tell us how their insurance is better than the rest…oh wait, that idea is taken already…pity…

How did we ever clean our houses before a cartoon bald guy showed up and provided us a line of products that made other spray cleaners weep OR how about all the poor brooms, mops and dusters out there desperately serenading their housewife owners to drop the new super-duper cleaning pads and take them back? Oh my, reminds me of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice…remember all the brooms and mops engulfing Mickey?

Yeah, I know the whole premise of commercials is to hawk products and entice us to buy, buy, buy; but seriously, have you ever recorded a half-hour show and then watched it while fast-forwarding the commercials? Used to be a show was between 22 to 25 minutes with the rest being commercials. Now it’s more like the show is 18-20 minutes long and you see more ads than show…not to mention a neat little concept called product placement. You know the scheme, products that have the name blurred out or changed but the label itself is all too recognizable.

To what end is all this advertisement leading? My guess is it’s all a big conspiracy to get us to spend more money on, to put it in the words of the late, great George Carlin, MORE STUFF! Maybe we can make a commercial like that? We can have a cartoon bear and lizard talking all about how they don’t have enough stuff! Coming soon to a store near you…STUFF!!! Now you can clutter up even more of your house and garage with stuff you’ll never use…buy our stuff!!! Nah, it would never work, people aren’t that gullible…hmmmm…


  1. Personally, I think he's right. And not just because he's one of my best friends, either. Right is right, period.

    And he's right.

    Please tell us that "stupid" thing was made in jest....

  2. My brutha, she is saying that in jest...I will explain in an email...

  3. Mississippi CajunMarch 20, 2009 at 7:44 AM

    Now if we quit buying stuff, the world economy that depends on how much stuff we buy will collapse and we will see another '30slike depression. And then the only ones who would be making money would be all of them exectutives who have multi-million dollar contracts to get paid even if we quit buying stuff.....and of course the politicians will also have their money coming in.