06 January 2009

Appointments, Senators and Racism...Oh My!!!

I am a Democrat...there I admitted it publicly. Yes, I am a Democrat and I voted for Obama and I am relieved "lipstick on a pig" Palin is not our Vice President (yes I think she is dangerous in that she is a moron in a powerful position), so sue me...nyah nyah nyah. We all know that by Obama being elected his Senate seat has been vacated.

Normally it would be up to the governor of Illinois to appoint a replacement Senator to serve out Obama's remaining term. Except that the good Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich, felt the seat was his to sell...and he got caught. Okay, does anybody out there know what this means?

What this means, boys and girls, is that good Governor Blagojevich is about to be an impeached and possibly imprisoned ex-governor...and I am all for it. The fact this moron even thought he could get cash and plum appointments for a SENATE SEAT is troubling at best. Personally I hope he goes to prison for a very long time where hardened criminals use him as their personal sex toy.

But I digress...this is not about Mister Blagojevich...nope, this is about his dubious appointment of Roland Burris to the Senate seat. For months now the pundits, the GOP, the Dems, and yes, even Mister President-elect Obama have been warning that any appointee named by the disgraced governor would not be seated. What was their reason for this? Well it goes like this, the overwhelming majority of the American public would think of that appointment as tainted by scandal, and rightly so.

Now, just so we get our facts straight let's recap; Blagojevich is caught redhanded trying to sell Obama's vacant Senate seat, Blagojevich is publicly warned by EVERYBODY (including the President-elect, remember this for there may be a quiz later) to NOT appoint anyone to the seat, Blagojevich defies everybody by appointing Roland Burris.

So, what do you think happened? Well, today when the rest of the new Senators were being sworn in, Burris was trying to get to his Senate seat and was turned away...just like everybody was warning would happen for a month now! So what happened? Well Dianne Feinstein warned that not seating Mister Burris would have ramifications for all gubernatorial appointments...got that...Ms Feinstein believes that not seating an appointee named by a corrupt governor would have an effect on an appointee named by a NON-corrupt governor.

And like I said in my last post...but wait, there's more! Some of Burris' supporters actually think he was denied because of his RACE!!! That's right boys and girls, even AFTER the BLACK President-elect warned that Burris would not be seated there are STILL idiots out there screaming racism!!!

A friend of mine blogged about the end of white guilt with the election of Obama and, for a while, I believed it too. Turns out we were wrong...the racism of blacks is alive and well in the good ole USA.

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  1. Racism will only stop when those on both sides of the color barrier stop hating one another for the sake of pigmentation.

    Attitude, however, I can understand hating. No matter WHAT the color.