27 January 2009

What in the World???

I know, I know, it's been a while since I posted anything and I do apologize to the few who actually read my writings. I have been having a difficult time coming up with topics to write about without degenerating into sociopathic rantings. Barack Obama has been president for a week and the withering criticisms from the uber-whacko-right are astounding. I was listening to NPR this afternoon on my way home and heard a GOP Senator complaining about all the "pork" in Obama's proposed stimulus plan. What pork he is talking about is money for education and the NEA (National Endowment for the Arts)

So I guess the handouts to his rich buddies weren't pork but spending money on education and the arts is. It's really funny to me how when Bush was president all the Faux (Fox) News talking heads were all atwitter over how Bush was gonna save the banks with the bailout. Now that Obama is president, the exact same bailout garners him the accusation of beign a socialist. It just makes me wonder how supposedly intelligent people can watch Faux News and actually believe anything they say.

During his campaign, Obama promised he would bring transparency to the White House and to a certain extent he has. Except for when a reporter tried to turn a cordial visit into a press conference and now Obama is being accused (yep, by Faux News) of reneging on his promise. Insanity is the modus operandi of the whacko, bible thumpin, monster truck and Nascar watchin right wing conservatives, I guess. Another thing that gets me is his ordering the closing of Guantanamo; he promised he would and he signed the order the other day. This action has been lauded by human rights organizations as well as Evangelical preachers and bishops around the world.

Great move, huh? Not according to the malcontents; in fact the handful of terrorists that were released have returned to Al Qaida in droves! Still, how is that Obama's fault? Faux News blames Obama for their release but they were released during Bush's term! Again, how is that Obama's fault? The financial crisis is being blamed on Obama by Faux News and their minions (usually simple minded automotons who simply parrot Faux News) but the crisis started under Bush! And now we have the piece d'resistance, the whacko anti-abortion morons (otherwise known as Right to Life)...they are up in arms because Obama repealed the ill-advised and much maligned Executive Order issued by Bush that stops funding to countries and organizations that allow or provide abortions.

Why is this an issue? Who is going to take care of the unwanted babies? Aren't there more pressing issues to worry about like the financial crisis, terrorism, poverty, and education? Can the uber-whacko, bible thumpin, monster truck and Nascar watchin right wing conservatives get their heads on straight? It must really be tearing them up that we now have a president who can utilize rational thought AND form a complete and coherent sentence.


  1. Guess you read my latest blog entry, huh?

    When - not if, but when - Obama goes after the 2nd Amendment, as an NRA member what are you gonna say?

    I agree in giving the man a chance, and I think his detractors on his bill to enhance the arts are full of it. I also have no problem with his repealing the ban on aid to international family planning. But on the Gitmo thing, I have a huge problem with that as you know.

    Not all of us who are anti-Obama are "bible thumpin,' monster truck and NASCAR watchin'" morons, ya know. (Besides, what's wrong with NASCAR?)

    I love you, my brutha, you know that, and I think it's tragic as hell that we're such polar opposites when it comes to politics. But I do respect your opinion AND your right to air it!

  2. Actually I posted this before I read your blog post; that's why I refer to Fox News throughout the post.

    You are my friend and the closest thing I've got to a brother and I respect your opinion AND your right to air it as well. I can say with a degree of certainty that here in Mississippi the vast majority of anti-Obama people are in fact "bible thumpin, monster truck and NASCAR watchin morons"

    I am just amused, frustrated and tired of the idiots at FoxNews criticizing Obama and calling him a socialist when he is doing the same thing Bush did with the bailout. I know you have a problem with closing Gitmo; I don't have a problem with it and that is where the biggest difference of opinion is between us.

    As for the 2nd Amendment, I will only say this; Obama is ideological but he is not dumb. He will not sign any type of gun control legislation; not while knowing the electability of his party hangs in the balance. Plus, the Supreme Court is still very much conservative and I doubt any of the conservative justices will step down until after Obama is out of office.

    We will have to wait and see, my friend.

    As I said before, I do not have a problem with anyone who is anti-Obama; I have a huge problem with the idiots at FoxNews and Republican politicos criticizing the man for doing much of the same things Bush did when they said absolutely nothing about it.

  3. The news media does seem to be jumping all over him, don't they? Well, Fox has the rep of being a "Republican" network, while CNN has the rep of being a "Democratic" network. I really don't trust either of them.

    The only problem I really have with Obama closing Gitmo is that he did it before he had a plan on what to do with the nice people being held there. Personally, I think the whole idea of a place like Gitmo flies in the face of the Constitution and the Rules of Warfare - either classify the people held there as criminals and give them a criminal trial, or classify them as POWs and give them a military tribunal. But to just hold them in limbo - sorry, that's not right.

    But what do you do with them when you close the place down? Had Obama had a plan for that when he signed the executive order, I've have been fine with it. But he didn't, and I'm afraid it's going to cost us.

    As for what he may or may not do about the 2nd Amendment, all I have to go on is his past voting record in Congress, and that record shows that he not only voted FOR the Clinton gun ban, he voted for every gun control legislation that crossed his desk. On that issue, I don't trust him.

    Well, I don't trust him on a whole lot of things, but I'm absolutely willing to give him a chance to prove to us what he's worth.

    Time will tell, I guess.

  4. You are right, my brother, time will tell. I voted for Obama because I believe him and believe in him; I do not think he will swing that far to the left, I really don't.

    As you well know, the 2nd Amendment is near and dear to me; I wrote his campaign and I have written him as president and informed him that any type of gun control actions he signs will guarantee he will not be reelected in 2012 and the Democrats will never hold another majority.

    I like this guy, God help me I do but if he does make any moves towards stricter gun control, I promise you and I promised him I woul dnever vote for another Democrat for as long as I live.

    That said, until that time comes I will stand behind Obama and support him 100%.

  5. I wish I shared your faith in him, I really do, but right now I just don't. All during his campaign I didn't hear much that I agreed with, and he sealed the deal of my non-support when he picked Joe Biden as his VP.

    I am, however, more than willing to give him a chance to prove what kind of leader he can be, and if he proves to be a good one then he'll have earned my faith and my trust. But his recent decision to break his own self-imposed rule about not hiring former lobbyists doesn't help win my trust, though.

    Time will tell, and for the sake of the nation I hope he's half as good as he says he is and only half as bad as I think he is.