15 January 2009


Ok folks, I have changed the title of my blog because if you Google "The Way I See It" you will get thousands of hits, none of which is me. So, the new title of my blog is "Motorcycles Have No Doors and Other Musings".

The short story behind the name comes from an old joke we used to tell in 1989 on my first ship; it goes like this, "Which is the quickest way to school?" the answer, "Motorcycles Have No Doors"

I know I know, you don't get it and well, neither do the majority of people I have told the story to...except for those who have served in the military...my brothers and sisters who have served are quite aware of what happens to the human mind and body when it has been pushed harder and farther than any civilian can understand.

The joke evolved after another tech and I had been up for 92 hours straight on the ship trying to track and isolate a problem in one of our main communications networks...we were punchy to say the least and the joke was actually a combination of about three jokes muddled together by fatigue and sheer exhaustion...in fact neither one of us remembered telling that joke but everybody who was around during our marathon heard it and told us about it.

One guy said it was the weirdest and funniest thing he had ever heard...but I guess you had to be there...

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  1. I fared a little bit better!