31 January 2009

Iran: Men vs. women soccer game draws punishment

Here we go folks with yet another story from peace-loving Iran and the tolerant and peaceful religion of Islam. According to Ali Akbar Dareini, a writer for the Associated Press,a soccer game was held in Iran and people were punished for it. Well, after all it was a mixed soccer game, the first where males and (HORRORS!) females played together since the Islamic Revolution in 1979. It seems that the peaceful and tolerant religion of Islam bans any physical contact between unrelated men and women, and Iranian women are even banned from attending soccer games when male teams play.

Even the president Imadingyjihad (Ahmadinejad) surprised his conservative backers when in 2006 he decreed that women could attend soccer games; he said their presence would “improve soccer-watching manners and promote a healthy atmosphere.” Wow, pretty progressive for a lunatic bent on destroying Israel and America with the nuclear weapons they're NOT developing in the desert. It gets better though because their "supreme leader", Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, disagreed; since he has the final word, no women can be in the stands when the men play...so much for peace and tolerance huh?


  1. Glad I don't live there! Wonder what they think of Superbowl; do they watch it?

  2. And THIS is the nation that we're supposed to "apologize" to? This bunch of towel-headed, smelly, heathen barbarians?

    I don't think so. And ANYONE who thinks that Islam is a "religion of peace" needs to have their head examined!

  3. bent on destroying America and Israel with their nuclear warheads? Towel-headed, smelly, heathen barbarians? What do they think of the Superbowl? What the hell do you guys watch? FOX News?
    Social and political reality is SO MUCH MORE complicated than what your pawny, uneducated brains will ever allow you to understand.
    I can't ask you to do anything. Just keep rushing into conclusions and superficial judgments, and I hope there are smarter people running this country so that your voices will be kept marginalized forever.

  4. I just want to take a moment to thank you for your insightful input...no matter the fact Iran is most definitely developing nuclear weapons and has ranted publicly many, many times they wish to wipe Israel off the map and destroy the "Great Satan, America", we are asked to overlook this and embrace a barbaric religion. A religion, by the way, that is being run by fanatics and extremists who wish to put the entire world under Sharia Law.

    Personally, I don't watch FoxNews, can't stand those idiots...so tell me what your idea of social and political reality truly is. I really would like to know and have an intelligent discussion with you without the bashing on either side.

    Do you think you can do that? No? Well, that just proves my point about the idiocy of world society...